Clearing Events

I get a TON of motion events daily on my outdoor cameras. Do I have to manually delete the events or will the “expire” and go away on their own? Thanks in advance.

Either…they stay on the servers for 14 days and then are deleted automatically.


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If you are like me and just get tired of sifting thru all those motion events, if you have CamPlus or CamPlus Lite you can filter them so that you don’t see them at all. They are still on the server for 14 days if you ever need to go look at them, but they aren’t cluttering up your events page. And, you can still get your notifications for them if that’s what you want.

I have all my cams showing with just Person, Pet, Vehicle and Package events in the list.

In the Events page, click the funnel icon in the upper right. Check the blue boxes for only those events and cams you want to show in your events list. You can also use the quick filter buttons at the top of the events page to filter events. Blue is on.


Perfect, thank you!

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