Can you delete events on the website

How do you delete video’s form I have a CamPlus account. I can look at events on my pc but it won’t let me delete anything. I can delete from the app on my phone but it would be easier on a computer.

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Tip of the hat to you if you are trying to save Wyze cloud storage space, but all Wyze accounts auto delete cloud event videos after 14 days.

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OK, but is there a way to manually delete something before the 14 days from the site?

Not at this time. Event delete functionality is only possible via the Android and iOS/iPadOS Wyze app.


I agree with hnewman58. The really needs a delete function upon viewing video clips. I have multiple cameras to monitor pets and front porch. It would save me a lot of time if I could delete insignificant recordings. Also would be awesome to have a fast forward on the web version like there is on the app.