Christmas present that doesn't work - surprise! (Floor Lamp)

I ordered a WYZE present ( which shall go unnamed) and put it together this morning and had a surprise. Would WYZE ship an item that doesn’t work for delivery at Christmas time? Well, not actually, but partially. I realized after 5 minutes that a device component was dead but wait - that component was operated with a shrink-wrapped AAA battery. Surely the battery wasn’t the problem, right? Fortunately, I am a gal with a battery tester always on hand. And sure enough, the batter registered dud, lower than low! I popped a new battery in from my vast battery supply, and tada! - a working Christmas present appeared. The moral of the story is that it could just be the shipped battery; don’t despair prematurely.

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Would be interested in the device you are speaking of. Here is why, if you are talking about the floor lamp, then the battery is tightly sealed and many, including me, did not realize it and was curious as to why it did not work.

Just an FYI

Here are others that had the issue:


Ding, ding, ding! I was the floor lamp! Yes. I suspected first that I had put in the battery backwards, and then no, it was correctly placed. Then the proverbial lightbulb went off, and I said to myself, better test that battery. Never had that happened before with a “new” battery, but I couldn’t lose anything on testing - and that was it. Try a new battery. Oh, I also put the included battery in first with the wrapping on, and that obviously didn’t work either.


Glad it is working for you now

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