Chime rules?

Interested in getting the doorbell in future, but curious if it currently has the ability to set rules so that at a certain time it will not ring the chime and only notify my phone, and then do both during other times? With a 1 year old in the house I’d want to be able to silence the chime while he’s sleeping/napping so that my dog doesn’t bark and wake him up if she hears the doorbell (simply having a different ringer won’t stop my dog from figuring it out for very long).

I know the newer Video Doorbell Pro model has a Do not disturb setting that allows you to turn off the chime during certain hours:

As for the smaller original Video Doorbell, I have one of those too, but it is currently disconnected, so I am not 100% sure, so I’ll let someone else chime in on that to confirm, but I believe it also allows you to setup a “schedule” of when you want the chime active. I think I see a setting for that under Accessories → Wyze Chime → Schedule

But I can’t really view those settings on my account right now since I have mine disconnected at the moment.

Worst case scenario, Wyze has a really good 30-day return guarantee, so you can get it, set it up and see if it meets your needs. If not, return it within the first month and you’ll get your money back anyway. :+1: So there really isn’t any risk for you.

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I still have an original Wyze Video Doorbell connected and it does allow you to set a schedule for the chime to be on and off.


Awesome. Thanks!


Perfect. Thanks!