Chat support not able to grasp the concept of connecting via wifi

I just ended a MOST dissatisfactory chat with a 'Wyze Wizard" (Nove)
This morning, when I got up and checked my cams, all FOUR and the Doorbell were offline.
I knew that meant there was a problem with my modem. I restarted, all the cams came back online.
I downloaded and installed the route this helps app, and stood in my shorts next to the doorbell for 10 minutes while it checked my network, only to tell me that there was no reason why the device couldn’t connect to my network.
ALL my cams are quite a distance from my modem, hence I have xfi pod wifi extenders. 3 of them.
2 cams in my studio, one on the edge of my garage, one on the outside of the studio facing my house.
ALL OF THEM WORK VIA WIFI on the xFi pod extenders.

This guy Nove told me that they would all be connected DIRECTLY to my main modem.
So am I supposed to have all five devices in my BEDROOM where the modem is located?


Maybe you did not understand what he meant. Any sort of WiFi repeater (what your xFi Pods are) is a serious compromise in WiFi performance. Yes, you get extended range, but at a huge throughput cost. So, yes, the support guy was right that you SHOULD be connecting directly (via WiFi of course) to your WiFi access point (part of your router in most consumer equipment) whenever possible.
With that said, my first thought would be to power cycle the doorbell. I don’t have one, so I can’t tell you what is required to accomplish that.


I believe I did understand, but the point is that ALL the cams work on the extenders, including the doorbell.
Then they don’t, then they do. This time (and on multiple occasions in the past) the doorbell didn’t come back for about 5 hrs.
I have no way to power it off, it is wired to a transformer inside the wall.
I suppose I could take the device off the wall, disconnect a wire, reconnect it, then put the device back on the wall.

Does that sound like something you, as a paying customer should be expected to do?

Thank you for your input @K6CCC



You could also turn off the main breaker briefly. Should you HAVE to? Of course not. But saying that won’t bring it back online.


Agreed. My cams work fine on extenders.

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Amen! Should that be something you, as a paying customer should have to do?
Mine went out and i was not even able to reinstall them!! Cant find local network all of a sudden!


This is a known bug with many Wyze devices. They are currently in the process of fixing it, and have already rolled out an updated for the pan and the v2 cam. Other devices will follow.