It is too far from my cameras to my router

I have 2 new Wyze cameras. Where I need them does not reach my router. What is the best way to extend my network?
Should I add more nodes and make a mesh network?
Should I get a repeater that will reach my network?
Xfinity has an xFi Pod that seems like a repeater.

I don’t know which will have the best results. Thoughts?

Welcome @ron.d.vick that is a great question and one that is very subjective to your network, provider and needs. However, in my experience, I have found a mesh network to be more reliable than simply adding repeaters or Access Points. Each have their merits, but wanted to share my experience.

What would help is to find out what you currently have to see if I or someone could help with suggestions.

Sounds like you use xFinity, do you have a Modem / Router Combo or are they separate. If they are separate, you could change the router and purchase a Mesh Setup similar to Wyze Mesh or another brand like the ASUS Mesh setup. If it is a combo Modem / Router using an Access Point or Repeater may work best or at least be minimal impact to your current setup.

Yes, It is a modem/router combo in one unit. They recently upgraded it because the old one was obsolete… or something. I was hoping that the new one would have a larger range. Sadly, no luck.

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In order to keep your costs down, you could get an Access Point which will extend the WiFi to other areas of your home. Do you have Ethernet where you would like to put it? Asking as an Ethernet Backhaul allows for faster speeds and greater distances from your existing router.

Or you could turn off the WiFi and the add your own WiFi mesh Network connected ro your main router. You would need to make sure you set it up in Bridge Mode or Access Point Mode, depending on the type you get. Then your WiFi would be served by your new setup but the IP assignment would be handled by your main router

Ethernet backhaul… That’s new to me. In looking at it, that might be the way to go. I have an ethernet cable going most of the way that I don’t use anymore.

Thank you!

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I think the specific equipment you’re trying to use figures into the equation, too, eh? Since you tagged this topic with cam-outdoor-v2, doesn’t that use a base station that has an Ethernet port, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to extend your Wi-Fi? Then again, you said that you have “2 new Wyze cameras”, and I don’t know if the Cam Outdoor v2 is still available. :man_shrugging:

I don’t have any experience with the xFi Pod, but I think my brother-in-law finally gave up on those and switched to some kind of mesh system (I’m not yet sure which).

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Ah, good. Thank you for that. I didn’t want to spend $119 and then have it not work.

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That’s just one user’s anecdotal experience, so take that for what it’s worth. I believe I’ve read elsewhere on the forum about @spamoni using PoE, so in these matters I’d defer to his experience over my own.

I actually use powerline adapters for some locations and have for several years. I don’t need massive bandwidth, and these things have been reliable and easy to use. I don’t know if that would be an option for your location/application, but I’m just tossin’ it out there.


great catch. Using a Our door cam v1 or v2, you can connect the Ethernet to the base station and not require an additional device for WiFi.

But if you are using a different camera, then you would need to look into one of the other alternatives.

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Thanks! I do try to pay attention. :wink:

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Glad somebody is. :slight_smile:

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A $45 extender/repeater has worked great for me. I use my mesh for non-cams. The cam level strength indicator is quite helpful when locating cams.

If you don’t mind… which extender/repeater did you buy?

I bought an Airties extender from AT&T. I tried others but I returned them. This extender works great for me. I have two but they only extend from the hub and not each other.

It is too far from my recliner to my refrigerator.


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