Charging outdoor camera

Can you charge the outdoor camera via an electrical outlet with an adaptor or can it only be safely charged by connecting the USB to a computer or bast station?

You can charge it with the provided USB cable and adapter plug via an electrical outlet or plug the provided USB into the camera and the base station. I just use the USB and provided wall plug adapter, takes about 1 to 1.5 hours from 50% to 94%. I wouldn’t plug the USB into a computer or blast station what ever that is.

I use my power bank, so I can leave the WCO on its mount. YMMV

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I’m old. I assume a power bank is a battery type charger. I guess if your not feeding the cam more than 5V-2 amps it would be ok? Mine are only mounted about 8 feet high so I just use a 6 foot ladder, take them down and charge every 7-9 weeks, or when the get to about 50%.

@Antonius yes, I have a couple of portable batteries that you can use to recharge a cell phone, laptop, etc… I take them when we go on vacation, or a day trip where we plan to do a lot of walking. I relied on one when we went on a cruise. You would still need to climb the ladder to connect and disconnect them. And, would have to realign the cameras. After the cam is 1 year old, and the warranty is expired, you can experiment with charging the cam while it is still on. Based on my experience, the cam has logic to stop recharging if you forget to remove the USB cable. In my experiment, the cam began to go into normal battery drain, and stop recharging from the power bank, shortly after reaching 100%.

Can you use a chargers that has a higher amp charging rate other than 2amp? I have a charger that has high turbo charging rates- 2.5, & 3amp?

You can use a higher capacity charger, but the device will still only pull the amount of current it can accept.

For example, at least with my older Fire tablets, even when plugged into a 2.1 amp charger, they would still be pulling less than 1 amp.