Outdoor cam charging

The outdoor cam comes with a charging cable with the one end that connects to the cam and a usb on the other end. They also supply a usb to standard 110v outlet plug. Is there a difference wether I charge my cams from the base station or if I use the supplied plug and use an outlet? I have issues with the batteries dying too soon and am curious what the community has to say! I also have multiple cams so it would be nice to charge by outlet so I can do all at the same time.

I’ve been using the supplied outlet plug only for the last 9 months, never even tried charging via the base.

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Can you post a screen shot of the battery usage graph from the affected camera from right before you charge it again?

The app update screwed up the last charge date for my cams. This camera was last charged 12 May 2021 not 6 days ago. It still has 49% remaining and it has been doing scheduled event recording.

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Is that on the app? If so where do I access it?

Found it!