Changed home WiFi network name and PW, now all cameras are offline

Any way to recover them without resetting all the devices and losing all historical data in cloud/app albums?

Friend tried to reset one camera and the app now doesn’t show it at all, as though it never even existed.

If the friend did the procedure correctly the app should either show it as the same name or a name like the MAC address.
I just got a new router and reset most of my cams and my cloud events are all there, back two weeks.
/edit - How does that saying go? “With friends like that you don’t need…”

Unfortunately, if the WiFi network and password has been changed, all the cameras will have to be setup again with the new WiFi name and password.

Also, any other devices that were connected to your network will have to be updated as well…phones, tablets, pc etc.

But I thought the concern was


Which based on my experience if the app does not show the camera at all something was not done correctly,
My “cloud” data remained, and my data recorded to SD card remained. I did reset all the names to what they were before.

I went through this exercise. I kept each camera the same name when I set it up on the new network. As far as I can tell all my history stayed intact, even app logs.

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Sorry for the confusion. As long as the Wyze account stays the same, all the cloud information shouldn’t change. Yup, you’re right, all the account data should still be in the Wyze account.

My reply was referring to this question in the post.