Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset


I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s clearly marked as in progress. It’s not made it to the ‘in development’ stage yet. But all of the wishes granted were once “in progress researching” and “in progress in development”.

At least it’s not a maybe later or probably not.

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I really wish I had seen this wasn’t a feature before I bought the cameras. It’s such a basic feature I just assumed it was there and hadn’t even thought to research it. If I had known I wouldn’t have bought these. 3 of my cameras are mounted outdoors quite high because the whole point of a security camera is to make them somewhat inaccessible, yet now if I do something simple like have a new SSID I need to around and manually reset them? Absolute insanity to not have this available in the app and the fact it’s been 5 years and their engineers haven’t figured it out makes me wonder where else Wyze is failing that I just can’t see.

Yup. I just pulled out the heavier ladder to reach two of these and reconnect these with the new network name. I also had to a burner phone because it now requires Bluetooth AND Location Services to work, not just Wi-Fi, like in the old days. I imagine this is what the Chinese government requires if Wyze wants to keep using those pass-through servers.

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It’s amazing this still isn’t a feature.

Imagine how difficult this is to implement.

You’re asking the camera to connect to another WiFi hotspot, different from what it used before. In most cases, that WiFi hotspot is no longer available. You just switched to another ISP provider. To do that, you need to open the Wyze app and tell the camera to use another WiFi hotspot. But the camera is disconnected and your phone/tablet can’t connect to the camera.

There are only 2 ways to fix this as of now; re-set up the camera to connect the correct WiFi hotspot. Or reuse the same WiFi hotspot name with your new WiFi.

Isn’t that hard to throw up a hot spot. If this is your device you should know the SSID info. I just tried this, and of course still had to redo setup.

What exactly do you mean by “throw up a hot spot”? I suspect this is something a regular non-tech user is comfortable with doing. And if this means renaming your WiFi hotspot, I did mention that.

Ever change your wifi network on the wyze ourdoor base station

Is the OP about the outdoor cam? If so, I misunderstood.

I mean plug in the camera, make your phone be the hotspot that the camera has programmed to connect to, then regain control through the Wyze app. While the camera is back online would be the perfect opportunity to update the WiFi it’s using. But also, this functionality doesn’t exist.

My comment is specifically about the Wyze outdoor solar cameras V3 and the floodlight pro. These are 14’-20’ on my exterior wall. Any time you change SSIDs or have any other troubleshooting you need physical access to the camera. It’s, in my opinion, an unnecessary hurdle. The post is from what I understand about wyze cameras in general as from what I can tell all of them need physical access to do this reset.

From what I understand when you do the initial setup you are giving that camera’s specific information to Wyze’s server. I see no reason why if you want to change to a new Wi-Fi through the app a signal can’t be sent from the app to the server to the camera without physical access, bluetooth proximity should be enough. Basically as long as your account side is secure there should be no problem.

The only benefit I see to making physical access a requirement is to make it a safeguard, but I think physical proximity should be enough. Have the app send an access mode request to the camera when you’re close enough to it. I shouldn’t need to be within inches to get it to work. It’s pretty inconvenient.

I don’t believe the cam v2 and v3 have bluetooth capability. The cam pan v3 and flood v2 have bluetooth. That means there is no other way for v2 and v3 to communicate once the old WiFi equipment is taken out, unless you provide another WiFi equipment masquerading as the old one.

Please! Please! Please! Tired of resetting cameras every time my ISP decides to mess with my network remotely

This wish is 5 years old now, forget this! this is my first and last wyze product i will never buy again, good to know they could care less about their customer base. I wasted my money.

Are you trying to tell us that you ISP is changing your WiFi configuration without your permission? Time to change ISPs!


I have a request and it doesn’t appear that I’m alone!

Fix your app so that customers don’t need to reinstall their cameras every time they change their wifi and/or password. With internet security being such a huge issue, this should be easy to change via the app settings. Do you not expect your customers to ever change their wifi passwords?? That’s supposed to be done on a regular basis to protect one’s security. Do you seriously expect your customers to reinstall each camera anytime they update their wifi??

That doesn’t sound very Wyze to me…


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Today I had to change passwd on my router/wifi and that resulted in having to change wifi passwords on all my devices (7 iphone/windows devices) and 4 cameras. The devices updated fine; however, I couldn’t find anything that informed me how to change wifi passed set up on cameras–other than adding a camera as a new device. This ended up causing me to add a subscription plan :face_with_diagonal_mouth :frowning: So the cameras all came back on line, except I now have a new subscription plan in addition to my old one. ANY one have similar experience - will Wyze adjust the fees?

Yeah you need to cancel one of the plans, whichever is more expensive, and add your “new” cameras to your existing plan.

The app is broken in this respect because you have to add the cameras back to your account as new and that process includes an upsell to their subscription service even though you don’t need it. The bare minimum they could have done is a “reset an existing camera” feature.

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thanks. Too bad they don’t make a change to enable this feature. I have liked using the cameras and am thinking of adding a wireless doorbell device. Is there a way to “add” another camera to existing plan?