Change Access Point Connected

I have now experience a situation that seems Wyze Cam specific. I have 4 V2 and 2 PAN, my parents have a V2, and my brother-in-law has 2 of each. In all setups we have noticed that once a Wyze Cam has associated with a specific access point connection it will not ever shift to a better signal one. We have several access points around the house and if we setup the Wyze Cam near one it will continue to try and connect to that one even if the signal is way lower than another that is closer. Can there be a way to force the network stack to refresh and not try and connect to a known cached access point?

I assume you have access points that mesh and are supposed to allow seamless roaming between them. If that’s the case, the camera SHOULD roam to a better one. If what you have is several access points that just happen to have the SSID and password, I would not expect devices to roam unless they lose signal completely from the connected AP.
I do have mesh WiFi APs and devices will roam between them. With the exception of the dashcam in my truck, none of my cameras move, so they stay pretty stable. I have noticed that at times which AP a camera will connect to puzzles me, so my guess is similar to what you are seeing. I will make a point to watch the dashcam and see if it is roaming as I come into our out of the driveway - although I would not expect it to move much.

Yes I have a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Mesh setup. When we setup the camera initially we were near the base station. When we put it in it’s final location it is now withing a few feet of the much stronger mesh access point. However, it is still connected to the base station with a much lower signal strength. We have tried lots of things to try to force it to switch but it never does. The last thing we are about to try is to remove and setup again when in the final location and see, but that is a bit of a headache to have to do each time if you move a camera.

I have a camera that is attached to a portable USB battery that I use to put out in the yard to watch our guinea pigs when we have them out in the yard playing. It has problems since it is connected to an access point much further away (where it was before we moved it outside) and does not connect to the nearest much stronger AP.

The main point is that we just should not have to remove and add back if we decide to move a camera or setup the camera in an initial location that is not it’s final location. That is all.

Been doing some reading and seems that the issue may lie with how/if the cameras support 802.11k and 802.11v, which are WiFi standards around network topology and traffic distribution items.

I also have an Amplifi HD. In one area, I setup a separate 2.4Ghz SSID on one mesh point just for connecting my cameras to. I haven’t yet tried moving a camera to see what would happen with the other mesh points. However, I’m pretty sure Wyze would love for you submit feedback through the app (complete with logs) so they can possibly try to fix this mesh issue.

Has anybody figured this out yet? Do Wyze cam V2 support 802.11k or 802.11v ? I just purchased a Ubiquiti access point, but the cameras don’t seem to want to connect to it.

edit: Ok good news and bad news. I was able to turn off the 2.4 ghz radio on my Asus router, which prompted the two Wyze cams V2 to switch over to the Ubiquiti access point. The bad news is it made me lose about 8- 10% points on my V2 cams Wifi signal strength. Which makes no sense to me because the access point is much closer and pointed right at the cameras…even though there are a couple of walls. The router has more walls and twice the distance? This stuff is like voodoo science to me.

Another related question I have both cameras within inches of each other pointing in different directions. One is consistently lower by about 6 to 7% in wifi signal strength. currently one is at 66% and the other 73% . Literally mounted one on top of the other by about 3 inches. Not sure why there is a discrepancy between the two. But I have yet to see them aligned in signal strength.

I found this thread searching the same answer. Would be best if there was a software button in the app to make the camera try to reconnect to the strongest AP. Secondly, it seems that before there was a quantifiable “signal” status, ie a percentage. It’s now changed to 3 bars, which are totally useless.