Cellular Data on iPhone and Android

I would like to see cellular data options for IPhone & Android for example like this

Not sure what we are voting on. :thinking:


The Wyze app on iPhone already does have the ability to restrict cellular data (see screenshot below). From what I see on Android, you can only restrict background data, not mobile data (although I’m a very infrequent Android user). Are you asking for the ability to restrict all cellular data on Android the same as is currently available for iOS?

Please clarify so we can update this wishlist topic as appropriate.

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I meaning that i can get notifications with pic beside it when i am not at home it only work when i am around Wi-Fi for example like this

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@deemcgraw7 Your profile says iPhone but you tagged this topic Android. Which platform are you running the Wyze app on?

In any case, the Wyze app should be working the same whether you’re in wifi or cellular data (assuming you have a reasonably strong cellular signal). However, your phone settings may interfere with this. For iPhone, you want Cellular Data in Settings turned on as in my screenshot above. For Android, perhaps one of our Android-expert @Mavens will chime in.

I have moved this topic to the Cameras category as it is not really a wishlist request.

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I don’t have that on mine

I don’t have that option

I think data access is generally given on all installs on Android. Only permission I gave was for use of the microphone. I could be wrong.

S24 Android 14

I meant to reply to @Loki , sorry.

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Thanks I will try to do that

What version of iOS are you running? Is this on a device (phone) that has a cellular connection?

Try this: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. If it says “Apps by Usage”, tap Sort by Name to get them sorted in name order. Then scroll down near the bottom and check that the Wyze is switched ON.

I also see that you don’t have Location or Bluetooth switches in the Wyze settings. Strange. I don’t know why those three settings would be missing under the Wyze app settings unless there’s some strange high level setting I’m not aware of. Do other apps have these settings?

You might want to try completely deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app. If you do, you will need to log in again, but all of your in-app settings will be restored from the server. You will need to reset the Wyze app iOS settings as in the above screenshots.

I know but I meaning Android not IPhones

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So I did a little searching and it is possible to restrict the mobile data on a single app on the newer version of Androids I believe. Trying to explain it can get kind of complicated because each UI depending on who you’re running it through can get more complicated than it really should be :slight_smile:

So I used chat GTP to succinct the plot line of how to do it on my Samsung Galaxy s24 ultra.

I have found this to be one of the best uses for artificial intelligence yet. Between finding specific links to things without any advertisements and clarifying things such as step-by-step this is all I use AI for

I don’t know if you can turn it off completely because it doesn’t give you an option to turn off foreground data but as far as it running in the background when you’re not directly accessing the app I believe that’s what you have access to turn off.

Here is the step-by-step

And here is what it looks like when I go into that and you can see what I mean by background being able to be turned off but not foreground when you’re directly accessing the app.

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I will try that

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Yet you are posting iPhone screenshots. Confusing.