Car Break-in on V2

My car was broken-into. First the car is unlooked, do not know how, but it takes little time, 5 minutes later the car is open and my valuables are stolen.

Here it is embedded and starting right at the door opening for anyone who just wants to watch it within the thread here:


Hello, @podio

That’s too bad your valuables were stolen, but good that your V2 Cam captured the culprit.

It boggles my mind that folks commit crimes like that assuming no one has cameras outside watching their property.

You can see at around the 1:54 mark when he’s quietly closing the car door, that he’s looking around to see if anyone is watching.

Well, guess what Mr. Sneaky Thief… Master Wyze Cam was using a Jedi-Mind-Trick preventing you from seeing the V2 Cam while it was watching/recording your every move WyzeCamV2 .

Did you report the theft and give the video to the police? If so, did they find him and return your stolen items?