Cam was on the news

Pack of thieves target vehicles in Katy neighborhood


Is this really Mr. Moore posting this link? Hopefully they will get the guy featured on the video. You can set up an IFTTT to call your phone if the Wyze cam detects motion between certain hours…the problem though is there is likely to be false alarms. This type of thing might happen once every few years. My car parked on the street was hit earlier this year along with others up and down the street…windows broken on all the cars, at least 8 vehicles with broken windows. Some vehicles with two windows broken.

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Yes it was me and my truck in the video. 99% of the time I remember to lock my truck and the one time I forgot this happened. Can’t believe How many people have asked what kind of camera I have.

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Well, if your door was locked they might have broken the window. Though, sometimes crews like this just look for unlocked doors, I guess in an effort to make less noise. The pair that hit our street did it around 5am and broke windows on the cars parked on the street, and some on the driveways…I don’t think they found much from anyone, but everyone had to pay $200.00 to replace their windows.

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I attend a lot of police/community meetings and the police are very clear about locking your vehicles. Some people have the belief that if they don’t lock their cars they’ll save that $200 for the broken window, but it seems the check for unlocked cars happens much more frequently than most believe. I’ve had my cameras a little over a month and already found out we never know how many times they try to get in., but fail or get scared off by lights coming on. If they’re brazen enough to just march up the street breaking windows, that’s much more rare.

Not one of those people! Lock your cars but if life gets crazy with kids, Groceries or you just forget dose not mean you should have your vehicle broken into.If anybody tells me they have never locked keys in a car or forget to lock in there lifetime You’re a liar or better man than me.


Wow, no. Wasn’t saying that at all! What I was saying is I’ve heard it at meetings and the police are quick to counter with do lock your cars. I completely understand getting busy and it not happening. Done it too many times myself.


Were any car windows broken on the street this night or were they just looking for open doors?

Police said 12 vehicle hit in my subdevion this night. They will not go into details

Interesting, I’m surprised you did not look around and see what happened to the neighbors. It seems you were standing outside for the news interview. Our police were out front going up an down the street taking statements from everyone that was impacted, it was hard not to see what happened or did not happen to the neighbors.

You asked about broken windows? There were none on my street I don’t know about others. There were seven blocks hit that night. No I did not go around Waking my neighbors up at 4:30 in the morning I was going to work. I came home check the video and call the police. My neighbors posted my video on next-door app the news came the following day

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That makes sense. Yeah, totally different scenario than what happened on my street. It is amazing the stuff that goes on outside when we are sleeping, great video, I hope they figure out who the person is. The cops in my neighborhood actually dusted for prints…but at the end of the day I don’t think they have much time or ability to pursue these cases.

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