Attempt to break into truck

Caught someone trying to break into our truck New Year’s morning, Wyze footage used on local news station:

We are well, Wife sprained her toe when she dived for car, but is otherwise uninjured.
Heck of a way to start 2021!


Wow, in broad daylight with a packed driveway knowing there’s people inside. Can’t really call it breaking into if you left it unlocked though. Always lock all your doors. Door lock actuators eventually fail too.

Truck was already warmed up via remote start (doors locked). I had just gone out to turn the defrosters on and left the door unlocked (my mistake). The first time the car drives by was just as I was re-entering the house. Wife was watching through a window just as I entered and saw the car pull into the driveway. She rushed past me before I could register what was happening and I followed her out the door.

My mistake, very quiet area. Can’t leave them unlocked for a second. Lesson learned.


just a small tip to anyone reading this, if it can be done “safely” your best bet is to mark the suspect car in some way. throw a rock, make a dent, scratch, break a window or something. leave some sort of identifying mark so that if a license plate number can’t be read/ remembered for reporting you know the cam and you know the mark. this can be given to officers and makes the vehicle and the owner much easier to identify and makes deniability much much harder in court. above all remember safety first. if you can do something and remain safe. don’t do it, it’s just property.

@Larbax glad both of you are alright, give it time. people like that aren’t known for making smart choices…they’ll get caught.

Did you manage to get the license number?

We didn’t catch the license number. I know, but it happened so fast there was no time to think. The same car was spotted where the wheels off a car were stolen in a store parking lot up the road, so the cops have a clear video of the car and plate from there,

You need another camera at the end of the driveway. And maybe a remote kill switch for the vehicle. I am glad you’re ok. I grew up in CT. 60 yrs ago. While we had our problems personal property crime didn’t seem as bad, your kids bike, maybe your lawnmower, etc. But, our neighbors, always nosey were better than a camera, lol. No one made a move in our “hood” w/o eyes on them. But the 60’s had more serious issues going on then too. The threat of the Bomb, loomed large in everyday life, on top of the War in VietNam. Hope the rest of 2021 goes better for US all.