Capturing a block of time recording


Yesterday i did a 2.5 hour time-lapse that doesn’t seem to want to download (addressed in another post).

The entire real time recording is present on the sd card.
I navigate to the start time of the event via the calendar and the slider and tap the record button and the record time starts.

There are issues.

If the device goes to sleep and i wake it back up, the recording has stopped.
wyzecam is back to the screen show all available cameras with a static shot.

If i minimize the wyzecam app the recording stops.

If the device is interrupted …like by a phone call, the recording stops.

I cant put the device into airplane mode to prevent interruption…because then the app isn’t connected to the cameras.

There needs to be a way to select a start time and end time and “grab” that block of time without having to record in real time the entire event.

Other wise

You can put the SD card in a computer and use a video editor to join the video segments you want to save.

I wish we could view the SD card on the local network.