Can't watch the live feed if not conected to the same wifi?

I can’t watch my live camera feed when I’m not using the the same connection as the camera is that the way this system works?

No, if I understand your question you want to be able to watch the camera when you are not at home.

Normally this is possible but there is an issue that Wyze is investigating that has prevented this from working with newly setup cameras.

It should be resolved soon.

Clarification please - is it trouble with NEW cameras (like a batch that missed quality control) or NEW setups? I’ve a few cameras I bought as backups months ago and have not set them up yet.

I thought it was a bad run of cameras.

From the other thread it apparently only applies to newly setup cameras. It also seems to be more applicable to iOS but that may be coincidental.

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Looks like there are reports it may be fixed also according to the other threads


That is good news!