Can't view a long recorded event

Can not view a recorded event that is 5 minutes long, either on the app or

can’t download it either :frowning:

Not much there to go on to troubleshoot the problem. Do you have a bit better description of exactly what is happening when you try to view the Video Event or Download it? What errors or feedback you receive? Are there any indicators that the file is corrupt or didn’t upload completely? Is there anything in red or a green question mark? Does it play from within the Recent Events on the Live Stream UI? Screenshots of what you are seeing would be helpful.

Are you running a VPN or other proxy? If so, try disabling and do a straight passthrough.

No VPN or proxy, Adblock disabled.
error from ui:

the one that says ‘back deck’

from the app:
The 5mi one:

after clicking on view, doesn’t even try to load and no play button

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in the app, I click on the event it opens the view window and I see the thumbnail with no play button. on the UI, I click on it and spins for a long time then the ‘error’ shows.

This is a failed Upload Video. The video file on the server is either corrupt or incomplete. There is not enough on the server to render a video or be able to download it. Based on the timestamp, you should go to the SD Card Playback Video to view and record the footage you want.

This Green Question Mark is a key indicator that there is no file to view. Note that there is no time slider bar and no 1x, 2x, 4x button also.

This happens on occasion when the video upload is interrupted during upload due to local network connectivity gaps or ISP failure blips. If it is happening on a regular basis, you should contact Customer Support and start a Support Ticket so that logs from your cam can be provided to the developers to see what is causing it.