Cant start the cam No light and a tickling sound each several seconds

First start Cant start the cam No light and a tickling sound each several seconds

Try a hard reset by holding down the setup button for 20-30 seconds when the camera is powered up.

this is the problem I can’t start up the camera. I plugin the camera, no lights are shown only a tickling sound every several seconds, Tried to to push the setup button for couple seconds. No luck

20-30 seconds, not “a couple of seconds”

Sounds like a bad power block. That should be covered under warranty. Try using a smartphone charger to see if the camera lights up.

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Is this the only camera you have, and a brand new v2?

First thing I would try is disconnecting and reconnecting the cable at both ends, just in case there was a poor connection. Make sure the microUSB end is fully inserted into the back of the camera.

If that makes no difference, it is new out of the box, and there is no light showing on the back, it is either a defective camera or defective power supply or USB power cable. In factory default config, the back status light is enabled.

If you have another good quality USB power adapter capable of supplying up to 1A, (e.g. Amazon Echo Dot supply) you could see if that works. If it does, at least they would know what the issue is, and may be able to just send you another power adapter.

Even better, if you have more than one camera, try swapping power adapters and cable from another known working camera, and see if the problem follows the camera or the supply. It is possible that it would allow both to work, but if that is the case, then something is causing the camera to draw more power than it should.

But you may want to open a ticket. They may have some better ideas. (I’m just a customer with 2 v1 and 2 v2 cameras).


Its the issue with cable I bought 2 cameras and the issues is on the cable. Any advice what to do next?

Open a support ticket. Refer to this thread/topic

Send email to and tell them to read this thread, and send them your order number.

I don’t know how they will want to handle it. Easiest would be for them to send you a new cable instead of making you return everything and shipping out a whole replacement camera, but I don’t work for them, so I don’t know what their procedure is.

In the mean time, if you have a short USB to microUSB cable from an old phone or tablet, you can probably use that so you will be able to use the camera until the replacement cable is sent.

Just to be sure, both cameras work with the good cable, using either of the two white “ice cube” plug in adapters? I just want to make sure it is the cable, not the adapter. It would be disappointing to wait for the cable and then discover it was really the power adapter.

In other words, if you taped a label “A” to each the first (working) camera, cable and power adapter, and “B” to each of the second camera, cable and power adapter. There are 8 possible arrangements. We are looking for the one that Cause a Failure any time it is used. You have probably already done the testing, but for future reference, this may be useful to help other troubleshoot.

Camera Cable Power Result(Pass/Fail)


A A B ?

A B A ?



B A B ?

B B A ?