Can't (reliably) reorder cameras (bluestacks/tinycam pro)

Running a combination of 10 cams (V1, V2, Pan) in bluestacks running tinycam pro. I have tried many ways to reorder cams but they seem to sort randomly when I drag/drop on “manage cameras” menu. I have also deleted and re-added cams with seemingly random order results. What am I missing?

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Welcome to the community, @carrolllastinger. Wyze doesn’t officially support Bluestacks or TinyCam Pro. However, there are several members on here who use them succesfully. I would recommend going to the #ask-the-community category, and then doing a Search (magnifying glass icon at the top-right) for TinyCam and or Bluestacks. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

It’s because the emulator doesn’t or can’t fully emulate the screen touch mechanism.

Take a look at this post.

Also look at the posts from Alexey Vasilyev as he is the TinyCam programmer.

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Try to use version 13 of tinyCam. It should allow reordering cameras using keyboard only.

How does one re-order with the keyboard? What controls what?

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I ordered TinyCam through the Amazon app store, which is currently on version 11.0.2 of the app. Do you know if I sideload version 13 on my FireTV whether it would authenticate as mine on the device?

Don’t know that answer on FireTV.

I’m still hoping for an answer on how to move cams with keyboard controls. I tried some bluestacks keyboard stuff - but it’s not that straightforward to me. Any help would be appreciated.

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Submitted tinyCam 13.1 version to Amazon AppStore. Hopefully it will be approved soon.

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Thank you!

I am still looking for an answer to my original question.

EXACTLY how do I move the camera locations in tinycam in bluestacks?

In Manage Cameras window be sure tag ‘All cameras’ is selected. Then use the mouse to drag icon with 8 dots up/down to reorder cameras.

Keyboard reordering for Bluestakcs will be available in tinyCam 13.1.2 within a couple days.

I am running 4.260 of Bluestacks but still not able to reorder cameras. Is this a known limitation? Is there something I am missing or can do to fix this?

I had the same issue when I added more cameras. Once in the Manage Cameras window and all cameras have been tagged, the trick is to click and hold the 8 dots on the left of the camera number for a second to allow the line to be selected (it dims a tad), then drag into the order you want. Works great!


twynkoop’s response is the answer.

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