Bluestacks keyboard controls?

I’m running bluestacks and tinycam pro 13 with ten wyzecams (v1, v2, pan). Can anyone tell me (specifically) how to move the cam locations on the screen in bluestacks by using keyboard controls? I’ve tried a few efforts but to no avail. Someone said “keyboard controls” was the only way to reliably re-position the cameras in tinycam pro - but exactly HOW does one do that?

Carroll :slight_smile:


I have bluestacks installed. I run tinycam on my phone, never thought to put it in bluestacks on the desktop (I use contacam on the desktop)

I had the same repositioning camera problem, when using tiny cam on my nexus player. Can be solved by pairing a bluetooth keyboard to the nexus, then you can drag the cameras using the lines in front of the cameras on the left side into the position you want. Should be able to do that on your Android phone also dragging using your finger.