Access cameras from desktop

Has anybody tried viewing their cameras with TinyCam through an Android Emulator on their desktop/laptop? I just installed BlueStacks on my MacBook with TinyCam Pro and can now watch my cams on my laptop from work. Anybody else try with another Android Emulator? BlueStacks works pretty well for me, but it seems to be more for games.

I tried using the android emulator Andy from Andyroid. It uses Vmware. It appears the free version of Vmware doesn’t allow you to set up its network so that you appear to be on the same network as the host computer, i.e. the same network as the cameras for setup. I might try another emulator later.

I checked out the emulator reviews. “Bluestacks” was rated tops.

I’m trying TinyCam on Bluestacks on my MacBook right now without much luck. The only allowed protocols are RTSP, which the camera does not support without hacks.

I gather that TinyCam Pro ($4.99) is required to enable the web server trick. I might bite if I was certain it would work well.

[UPDATE] Woot! I was just able to get the free TinyCam app working. For camera and model I had chosen Xiaomi Xiaofang instead of the Wyze Labs WyzeCam. Correcting that fixed it!

Here are the ‘official’ instructions that helped me correct my settings.