Any way to watch cam through a web browser?

Any way to watch cam through a web browser? Or an android tablet?


Will need to check out TinyCam thanks


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This would be an extremely valuable and useful feature for users. +1


What’s the IP address for Tinycam?

It would be awesome if this was a native feature instead of having to user TinyCam

You can install “Andy” (Android Emulator) on your computer and it works great.

I would definitely love to use a computer to monitor. I use the camera as a baby monitor around the house and back yard. I work from home, so I need to be on my phone a decent amount. Really, need to access it via computer so you could throw it up on the 2nd screen and see what’s going on. I’m sure lots of other people have similar uses where this would be helpful.


How about connecting a Mac to an iPhone Wyze app?


Something like “Andy” (Android Emulator) mentioned above but for a Mac + iPhone?

Perhaps someone here has found one that works?


Andy (Android Emulator) for my Windows PC is very large and takes a long time to download and install. Then it takes a long time for the program to load. But the Wyze app works. It lags by 15 to 20 seconds from my Samsung Note 4 phone.

I think any work around is going to be inconvenient until theyake accessible in a browser.


I use a couple of my V2 cams as baby monitors also, for our grandchildren. I’ve brought this up a number of times before here in the forums, but I’ll ask again … will there ever be an update (fw and/or sw) that will permit the AUDIO to continue to play (like Pandora, etc.) while the Wyze app is closed? This way, I could continue to use my iPad and monitor the children while using the iPad for other activities. For that matter, my iPad Pro supports Picture-in-Picture mode, which is awesome on the iPad. How cool would it be if the Wyze app ever supported PiP? Or Split View or Slide Over view, for that matter? Anyway, wishful thinking I guess, especially since Landscape mode still hasn’t even been implemented for the iPad.


I use TinyCam on an old Android phone. It acts as a server for my Wyze Cams. Its only a few bucks and easy to setup and us. I setup the webserver in the app to serve the Wyze cam feeds. I can view my feeds in any browser (home, away, TV…)


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I am completely baffled you can’t access the camera feed from the website. Is it still 1995? Completely unacceptable.


haha. Seems like an obvious feature to have right?


I agree using an emulator isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t take that long… especially once the emulator is loaded it takes the same amount of time that it would from your phone. I probably spend 15-20 seconds for the whole process…

Tiny cam must have had an update on my phone that’s screwing things up, if I’m on my wifi I can’t use it until I go 4G and the settings are still the same. Including for it to auto detect home network. I even turned the home network option it on manually still no luck when on the same wifi.


Is it possible to use TinyCam to take a snapshot whenever there’s a motion detection event, then send the attachment via email or push to the cloud (e.g. Google Drive)?


Found my solution. Just use Tinycam Pro and it’s super easy to set up. Email notification includes a snapshot of the image taken at the time of the motion event. It offers a lot of other features too, much better than the Wyze app.


Wondering the same thing

OK, the cams are pretty good and very cheap. Maybe paying a few bucks a month for browser access via the Wyzecam website would give them incentive to set it up.

I thought you could use an android tablet,