Cam-OG and Bluestacks

Just got my Cam-OG. Setup proceeded fine. Works on my iPhone. It also displays OK on my Google Nest display, which is something I can no longer say about my other cameras, but that’s a separate issue.

I’ve been using Bluestacks to view cameras on my PC. Up until now it has worked almost flawlessly, until the Cam-OG.

When I go to look at my cameras through Bluestacks all my other camera still display fine, but the Cam-OG is stuck on “Connecting Camera (1/3)”. What gives?

Could it be that the emulator does not do Bluetooth? Does the CAM-OG require Bluetooth? Why? None of my other cameras do. If this is the case then I am squarely disappointed!

Is there a way to set up Cam-OG so it doesn’t require Bluetooth?

Nope: And sorry I can’t help with your other issues.

BlueStacks doesn’t display your cameras itself. You need to use another program like the Wyze app itself or tinycam within blue stacks. What other program are you using in BlueStacks?

Sorry. I thought it would be obvious. I have installed the Wyze App in Bluestacks. It works perfectly with all my other cameras (Cam Pans and Cam Outdoors ).

On a separate but interesting note, this Cam-OG works elegantly with my Google Nest displays. In the past I could get my Cam Outdoor cameras to work with the Nest but it would only display for a minute or two before returning to the home screen. Now my Google Nest won’t even display my other Outdoor Cams.

It acts like it’s going to do so, displaying “Playing Wyze-Cam”, then Wyze-Cam in white letters on a black screen, and then after half a minute it just returns to the home screen. But the Cam-OG displays on the Google Nest and persists seemingly for as long as I want it to display.

The version of the Whyze App running in BlueStacks needs updated…

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What version of the Wyze app is installed in BlueStacks?

v2.35.0(88) on Bluestacks but v2.38.4(3) on my phone where the Cam-OG displays fine. I don’t recall updating my phone, but it appears I need to update my Bluestacks iteration. Now to figure out how…

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The version in the BlueStacks emulator is several versions back, from before the OG was supported in app.

Bingo! Once I realized I had to go back to the app store to update, I did that and it worked!!! Kudos to you Tony. Your advice was spot on. I can’t thank you enough!

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And moreso @bryonhu !!! :slight_smile:

Yes. He suggested it first, didn’t he. Kudos to Bryonhu!

I’m having same issue
I have tried to update and still am unable to see my cam-OG’s on Bluestacks

Please help

Welcome to the forums! Bluestacks is just a android emulator which runs android apps. You can not see Wyze cams on Bluestakcs alone, you need to be also running a program like the Wyze app within Bluestacks. What program are you using in Bluestacks to try and see the OGs?

That was my problem had to delete and then reinstall the app. Good solution!

thanks for the msg friend i was able to work it out and its all working well now :smiley:

I can view the cams on the PC by simply going to
owner of bluestacks this just worked whereas I could never see video through the wzye app installed on bluestacks on my windows 11 pc