cant get an sd card into the v1 cam

I have two v1’s, one the microsd goes right in. The other one won’t accept the card, feels like there’s something blocking it. Tried both ways and 3 cards. Did these ship with something in there thats blocking it that I might get out

I have not heard of this. From what you describe, I’d try examining it with a magnifying glass and strong light source. Compare the good one to the bad one.

That was my plan, its a teeny slot though! I made sure I had the right orientation and gave it a jiggle side to side the narrow and long way to make sure there wasn’t something a little bit bent. Even with a bit of pressure won’t go in!

Yeah, might just be a deformed slot out of the box. You might want to start a support ticket asap since I know they’re somewhat backlogged.