Can't finish face recognition setup

No matter what I do, I can’t get it to finish that last section in the top right. I’ve tried turning my head, turning the camera, different lighting, different backgrounds, moving the camera closer and further. What am I doing wrong? I’ve edited the screenshot with an emoji for privacy.

I’ll ask @WyzeMatt here (since that option doesn’t work for me)

Also, FYI Matt, if the “review images” section has too many images in it to approve or reject, then it doesn’t allow a person to approve or reject any of the images at the top. If you check an image to approve or deny it, it will immediately uncheck the image before you can approve it or deny it. Even if you click on the “select all” option, it immediately unchecks everything. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and start with those, and then it will allow you to leave images checked so you can approve or deny them.

This is only an issue when there are A LOT of images in the list to approve or deny. This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if it only allowed the top images to be approved or rejected first, but I had to scroll forever all the way to the bottom before it would allow me to start approving or rejecting anything :joy: And the select all wouldn’t work either. Just thought you guys should know. :wink:

Edit: Oh sad, I just spent a half hour approving and rejecting like a few hundred faces, and it only saved the last 10 in “Sample Images” and removed all the rest. Is that normal?

@carverofchoice , did someone reply to this and then delete their reply? Is that what you’re referring to? I’m really confused. Did WyzeMatt reply to this thread then delete it? Or did you reply to the wrong one? Reading your reply feels like walking in a room into the middle of a conversation.

Sorry for any confusion, I used WyzeMatt’s call tag not because someone responded, but just to make sure it would send him a notification and ensure he would [eventually] read this thread whenever he logs in again and checks his messages.

He is one of the main guys who helped push for updates and improvements to the Facial Recognition. I have not been able to use this new setup, myself (I already had all 10 face profiles setup, and this option is only there if it’s a brand new account), but I know Matt would be familiar with this update, and as one of the champions for expanding the face recognition improvements, I thought it would be good to make sure he sees your thread about having issues here. In addition, if he was aware of why this might be happening to you, I was hoping maybe it would reply, but at the very least, he could at least report it back to the devs who are working on this.

Will you try doing this again, and when it fails, will you then go submit a log for it: Account tab → Wyze Support → Submit a Log → Account and Services → App experience → LEave a short description of the problem and then submit

Then post the log number in here? Note: This isn’t the same as opening a support ticket, but the log can get passed on to someone to look into so they can address any potential issues in a future app update.

So, that was the first line of my message…just telling Matt to come check this thread out.

The rest of my comment is adding to face recognition issues I just experienced too…so, related to setting up face recognition profile, I was trying to add “review images” to my existing face profiles and was having some struggles. So while we are reporting issues with the new face recognition updates here, I was mentioning what else I found that was not working properly. (ie: since Matt will eventually read this thread about things that need to be addressed with Face recognition).

Again, sorry for the confusion.