Can't delete video with an Error 06

I have a video in the Wyze app Recent Events on a Outdoor Cam. It says it is 5m long, which should be impossible. When I tap or long press it the Error code 06 “failed to upload the video to the cloud” pops up and the further options at the bottom of the screen are grayed out. Tapping OK in the pop up returns to the main Recent Events screen so I have no way to delete the event.
I would just like to delete it. Any suggestions? Thanks

You can use the bulk delete option in the main event page.

Select at least one.


That did it! Thank you much

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You’re welcome! :relaxed:

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Well, I am disappointed …because I CANNOT view the 5 min event on the v3 inside my window …which I am paying a CAM PLUS subscription for ! I wanted to purchase 4 more CAM PLUS subscriptions , but I don’t get recorded constant movement for LONGER than couple of minutes, when it SHOULD show up to 5 mins. Also when an event SHOWS 5 MINS. ,I tap play …and the error code 06 pops up (referring a cloud problem) …what is happenning ??