Cant connect headphones to PC bluetooth

Hi… Ive had the noise cancelling over ear headphones for a while, and i never use them.
Mainly because I cant connect them to my PC via bluetooth… its really strange.
It doesnt show up when its in pairing mode on my PC to connect at all… BUt I can connect it to my phone or tablet.
Ive run the bluetooth troubleshooter on my pc and it fixed whatever it said it found… Its just bizarre… I really want to use these headphones. please help if you can.
Thanks and Merry Christmas

Make sure your PC’s Bluetooth radio supports Bluetooth version 5.0 or higher. Check the Bluetooth radio specs, not the Windows driver.

You had a problem a year ago trying to get your headphones to simultaneously pair to phone and PC. If your PC’s Bluetooth radio supports version 5.0 or higher, you may wish to try unpairing from any other paired device, then retry pairing to PC.


I just bought a 5.0 adapter on amazon to see if thats it. THe motherboard is at least a few years old, but its a good aurous board… either way, we will try that.

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Yea make sure it’s not already paired to your phone, try disabling Bluetooth on your other devices temporarily so it will be available for your pc

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definitely not paired to anything right now… I made sure to test that first.