Cant connect camera to network

I am having trouble connecting my v2 to my network it keeps timing out with this voice prompt “can not find specified network name”. also if I have WiFi turned on on my phone app dose not work, I have a Samsung note 8

Hello @gsears12 sorry to hear about your connection issues, I have a suggestion for you and I’ll also link an article for you to take a look at but when it comes to my suggestion I recommend that you try moving the camera closer to the router and try the pairing process again.

Here’s the link to the troubleshooting article.

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I’ll try the linked article, Can’t get any closer than the same room.

Okay then go ahead and try that link and let me know how it goes.

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Here’s another troubleshooting link:

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I’ve had this same issue, was able to resolve it by flashing and older version of the firmware ( Once flashed, I was able to scan / find network / add to app. Once added it prompted to update the firmware.