Can't add new WYZE Devices?

I can’t add any new Wyze devices this morning. I’ve tried both a bulb and an outlet. Errors differ between the devices, the bulb says that the bulb wifi doesn’t have internet connectivity and the switch says that my home wifi password is incorrect. All other wifi related devices and already added Wyze devices work fine.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks, Len

The bulb itself doesn’t have internet is correct. Turn off your mobile data on your phone and try the install again. When you connect to the bulb during install, when some devices detect the absence of internet signal they disconnect and connect to mobile data to look for that internet signal. This causes the install process of the bulb not work because your phone needs to stay connected to the bulb for a few moments to upload your network settings.

I don’t have any answers for the plug and the password issue, but the same mobile data turn off during this install should also help.

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