Can't access/view recordings

For some reason I can’t seem to be able to view any recordings from any camera? Liveview is working just fine but when I switch to recordings the timeline says there’s supposed to be something there but nothing shows up. I have SD cards in all cameras.

put your finger on the time line and move it slightly and then give it a moment to sit. see if that changes anything. in the recent past I would not have any green markers on my timeline but when I moved it ever so slightly and gave it a sec to load, there is was. not sure what caused it. make sure to send in logs when you experience it.

This looks like the playback-static bug.

Try this poster’s workaround; press the gear icon and then the back button.

Playback not working UNLESS I do this

Those symptoms pretty much describe what I am seeing. When you switch to Playback, after selecting a “teal” area in the timeline, the timeline/selector is moving like it is playing video but the timestamp in the lower right part of the display doesn’t change. Doing the suggested “click gear and come back” forces a reconnection/reauthentication to the camera which then makes the playback function properly and the timestamp starts moving with the playback.

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