Cannot sign on to WYZE app with android one plus phone

Press get started. App goes to web browser. Enter UID & PW. Gey ok. Web Browser says signed on redirecting . Then nothing. My Ipad works fine

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Can you please post the version of the app you are using?

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Same thing happened to me last night.

What’s going on ?

Not sure. I experienced the issue a bit back using the Beta App and have Wyze looking into it. I had to jump thru a lot of hoops to get back to the Beta working.

But, need posts of the App Version and detailed description of the behavior. If you can’t log in, you can’t submit a log, but pinning down which process is failing in the description may help.

All is fine now
My App version - V2.45.61 (361)

The forum (via the app) will not let me upload screenshots.
(Even thoughI I am, and have been a forum member since 2018)+.

I have no “Dis Honorable Discharges”, for any of my posts or uploads.

This has been a long running forum issue.

My other phone n older backup app, gets me around this bug.

The real fix, is finding out why this acct is seen as a newbie with no upload privileges ???