Cannot find specified network name - Floodlight Cam

Others have struggled with this as well, but none of the solutions have helped so far. This is for the Floodlight Cam.

Attempting to connect to base router gives the app message “poor reception” despite good connection on other devices nearby (and other Wyze cams connected). So I installed a repeater with both the same SSID as base router and as a separate name (simplified with no spaces - literally “garagewifi”). Both base router and extender are 2.4Ghz.

Now, connection is rated good in app, but I get the topic title error: “Cannot find specified network name”

Password is tested and verified correct. Any ideas?

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When I had issues with my cameras not connecting to my WiFi and the app said “ cannot find specific network name” It was bc my WiFi had both 2.4 and 5 ghz in one channel .

Are the two separate , is their anyway you can turn off 5 ghz (if you have the ability to)

Also have you tried setting the camera up with another device ? I had issues adding a camera with androids but on my iPhones they were able to connect .

If all else fails I’d call support and maybe they can help better, I know they made me download an app called “Route this helps”

Please let us know !

Good theories! My network is divided - separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 Ghz, so I don’t think that’s the issue. On Android and don’t have an iPhone, but every other Cam has set up just fine (including this one in the past!). Thanks for the thoughts - I’ll keep plugging away at it!

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It’s still failing even when connecting to the “garagewifi”? Make sure there’s not a hidden space at the end of the SSID

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No hidden spaces! Consulting with support actually has a replacement coming, so hopefully that one doesn’t have the same problem! Sucks that I have to re-install it, but if it works, it works! I’ll try to report back for closure once the new floodlight arrives and I can test!