Cannot connect

i wanted to mount the camera outside. i put it on a ladder and powered it up and it worked. i then mounted it above the garage door running the cable through a hole in the wall powered it up and now it will not connect. it is running through some aluminum siding. could that be the problem or is it my wifi?

Hello @madmike5, try taking it down and moving it closer to the router then see if it will connect.

That could be the issue is a metal interference. Also depending on the distance from the router/modem. You can always upgrade to a mesh system too that might help the system. Take it down again and power it on and see if it connects. Then youll know for sure. I know its a headache. Sorry testing always is.


It is most likely that aluminum or some other shielding material is between your camera and your wifi router. You could probably fix this with a wifi extender

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Or one of these maybe…

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i had it 6ft lower than the present location and it worked but not going through the alum.