All my other cameras are further away from my router. My one camera will connect in the beginning and then it says unstable network. WTH!!! I don’t get it. This camera is closed to the router. Does anyone have a solution?

How close? WiFi has dead spots depending on the orientation of the (possibly internal) antennas. Also if there’s an intervening structure which is something metallic. A friend had a dead spot because she put the equipment behind the TV.

I second that. I had my router behind the TV and none of IoT would connect. Once I moved it couple feet away, everything worked fine.

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It’s in a window sill

i have firestick behind tv, seems working but it is not wyze equipment

I have this issue with variety of cameras around my house
Unstable Network
Began after recent Wyze updates
I have dual band router automatic switching with mesh pods so all the things that could be wrong,
If I turn cam off on app and restarts all is fine.
Any hope I can get back to normal solid Wyze connectivity?
Does not interfere with old D Link cameras