Cannot connect to wifi

i always have a problem with this. But will try to describe problem. my Wifi is separated into 2.4 and 5. My android phone is what has the app in it and my phone is connected to the 2.4 wifi. But none of my cameras will find it. What am i doing wrong?

A: Are you SURE the phone is on the 2.4 GHz?
b: I assume you mean that the camera can’t connect to it. Does the WiFi SSID or password have special characters in either of those?

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i will look into that but i do not think so. I make it thru QR code scanned. Then it says “Cannot find specific network name”

I too had this problem a couple of years ago. Short answer. I can’t remember its name, but there is some apps on Google Play that will allow you to suppress/block the 5 GHz signal on your Android phone at your command. There were a couple. Its going to require some searching and trial, but they do exist. and when they tell you to restart the phone, restart the phone. Good luck.

try using your router’s guest account, it worked for me

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It may also help a lot to turn off mobile data on the phone while you do this.

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Excellent ideas.

Did this suddenly start, or have you never tried connecting it to this network.

Make sure it’s a network with a password, not a captive portal