Cannot connect to server

Same here, can’t logon, unacceptable when you depend on a third party for recording.

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Same issue above

Same issue

Updates and discussion can be found in the linked thread


Same thing can’t connect to server been going on all day! Everything it tells you to do from the email for restarting wifi and routers to restarting cameras does not work. Sonot has to be on their end. Hope it’s fixed before bed time.

same issue here

Same issue here also with both types of phones. What’s going on?

I’m having the same issue

If you want the latest development, check out this thread.


Same thing can not connect to server. Any updates

Check the link above your post.

Just came back online! Thank you!

I’m experiencing the same issue.

If you’re having issues logging into your Wyze account, there’s currently an issue with the Wyze servers and they’re working on it. Wyze is asking everyone to be patient until this is resolved.


Same here! App won’t open! (5:58pm WA, State 11/14/2020)

Back online. I’m grateful but it makes me not want to invest in this type of camera again. I don’t need the inconvenience…

Meh no app is perfect, bugs happen sometimes. It depends on how fast they fix the bugs :slight_smile:

Is it a possible feature to be able to access cameras when the servers won’t let you log in… this issue makes the cameras useless

I have experienced the same for three days!

Had the exact same issue and after a few hours ‘ It started connecting