Cannot Add Product with any sensor

I’ve open a support case, but, while I wait for a reply, I thought I would try posting here as well.

First, the bridge pairs fine with my Pan camera. Steady blue light. Check.

When I try “Add Product” then pick a sensor type, always the resulting screen is empty. It only has a “Refresh” button.

So, I then use the included tool to reset the sensor.

The motion sensor will flash the red light 3 times. However, the contact sensors flash 5 times when resetting with the tool.

Regardless of the type of sensor, they do not appear in the app, either before or after tapping the “Refresh” button.

Also, I have tried removing the batteries of the sensors so that they will reboot. After rebooting, the result is the same.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

From another thread:>

Usa1000, thanks for the help. This worked for me. Steps below:

  1. Plug in the bridge and wait until the bridge light is solid blue.
  2. Hold down the button with the WYZE logo on the back of the bridge until the light turns solid yellow, then let go of the button.
  3. In the app, tap the 3 dots to add a product, select your device and the camera. It will say, Wyze bridge is ready to be connected and flash yellow and white.
  4. Use the pin to hold the reset button in on your sensor until it flashes 3 times (my sensors flashed red 5 times). The connection was successful. Repeat steps 2-4 for other devices.

If you don’t get

Wyze bridge is ready to be connected and flash yellow and white.
Try leaving the app entirely and coming back in.

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I’m ready to bury the thing in the backyard. Worked for awhile and then stopped. Never been able to get it connected again.

Waiting on a support case but I can never get a solid blue light now.

That’s for the reply, but this is not possible. After putting the bridge in the “yellow” light state and selecting “Add a Product”, the screen presents a list of device types. These can be selected individually but not together. Hence the suggestion “select your device and the camera” is impossible.

I didn’t write that but as I remember it’s 2 steps - you select device, then you get a screen listing cameras with bridges then **It will say, Wyze bridge is ready to be connected **.

I went through the process three times, NOT getting the " Wyze bridge is ready to be connected" prompt. I had to get out of the app entirely and come back in.

So you select a Sensor, you see the list of cameras with bridges, select one.

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Holy CRAP thanks for posting this! I had not seen it before and while the PIR unit didn’t respond with the lights, etc. The bridge picked it up and it seems it has actually connected.

Again, THANK YOU!!

OK, thanks again. I didn’t get that message “Wyze bridge is ready to be connected” either. Exiting the app didn’t help either.

I have even tried wiping out the storage/cache of the app in the event that some local data storage might be corrupted, but that didn’t help either.


I have the same issue described above. I have followed steps but still can’t solve this. The Wyze bridge is not turning to yellow for some reason. I even held the Wyze button at the back for a minute. Nothing happened.

I can add other sensors to it. It’s just this particular contact sensor not collaborating.

Can someone please help!!!

Other bit of information. The contact sensor is continue sly blinking 3 times every 10-15 seconds

Thanks I’m advance for your help.