Cancel Vacuum Job During Charging

Unless I’ve completely missed it, I don’t see a way to cancel a vacuum job via the app if the robot is charging before starting again.

Sometimes I vacuum later in the evening and the robot is unable to finish the job on one charge. It will come back to charge before going back out. The problem is that sometimes it wont resume the job until I’m already asleep which will wake me and my family up. An option to end the job while charging would be great.

I know I can press the power button on the robot to cancel it but I keep the robot hidden under a dresser that’s about 4 feet deep… That’s not easy to get to.

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I have mine under something also. I just hit clean the room and let it come out to me. Stop it. Generally to clean out the bin, and then have to go back home again. It goes back under and parks in the charger once again.

Maybe it’s just mine I’m not sure. When it goes to the base to charge and it’s in the middle of a job I can’t do anything with it

This is true. I would like to see this feature added as you cannot pause or cancel a job once it’s gone to recharge to finish a job at a later time. Often times, it will start up when my children are napping and I have to frantically open my phone to shut it off.

The photo below shows how there is no Ouse or cancel button. Someone also suggested to add a delay button so you could start it again at a different time that would be good for your personal schedule.

That’s not a bad idea. I think show an estimated time before it’s done charging, and maybe give you a time it’s going to start up and finish, and you being able to go in and change it so the delay is longer, Instead of an estimated start time to finish at 4.35p, and you go in and move it up to 6:30p instead. Or cancel the job.