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Just got the Vacuum today, hooked it up and it is impressive watching it clean. During the initial run on quiet mode, it got to 5% battery left and went back to the docking station, as expected. Here are my querstions:

  1. Since it wont be done charging until after I go to bed, is there a way to not have it auto-start?
  2. What does the Pause option in the app do? If pressed, will it go back to the charging station?

Thanks in advance.

You currently aren’t able to pause the cleaning when it is charging. You could add this to the #wishlist!

The vacuum will stop cleaning and remain where it is. You’ll then be able to have it continue or return to the charger and end the cleaning.

The Pause button in the app is disabled. When it recognizes the battery is low, it returns to the base station for charging. But what it also seems to do is disable the pause button, so I cannot find a way cancel the vacuuming.

Unless there is another location to do that, is there?

I don’t know what I was thinking(probably because I just let it run and don’t watch the app always)…
I tested this and your correct! It seems there’s no way to do this. You should add this to the #wishlist!

Yea - I will add that and potentially the ability to remap one room.

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So I have another question - Not sure it is a bug, may be a difference in the platforms, minor as it is. Just was curious:

So I am performing a Clean again after doing the Quick Map (which, in my case, was amazing and fast). The Battery got to 5% and returned to base. However, on the iOS device the % remaining coloring was Red indicating it was low. On my Android Device it is White as if it was still fine with Battery. I know the number is what we actually look at, but Curios on why iOS changes it to Red and the Android leaves it as is. Like I said, not a bug as it works, curious if it was an oversight when developing the Android app.

This may be a bug. I only have IOS, but I will look into this!

Thanks – Fortunately I have both an iOS device and Android. I need the iOS when submitting events with incorrect tags. For some reason my Android does not provide the Tags to select when submitting an Event.

I am on Android, and don’t believe the percentage indicator ever turns red on Android when the WRV is low on battery and returning to charge.

Possibly just a platform difference, or a missed feature in translation.

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So, obviously this is late so now it’s just an FYI, lol… but when the vacuum returns to it’s charging station in the middle of a clean because it’s dying, it doesn’t actually wait until 100% charge to return cleaning (probably so it doesn’t take ALL day to vacuum). It will continue cleaning when it gets somewhere above 50% I believe. I am about to see for sure… it’s currently cleaning and about to die… I will try to pay attention to when it starts again to resume and check the battery %. I know it doesn’t wait until 100% though.

In my experiences it sets back out at 60%.

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as @R.Good indicated, the Vacuum normally charges to 60% before it heads back out to complete cleaning. I tested my entire house last night, about 1400 Sqft of space to be vacuumed. It actually went back to the charger twice. I am experiencing about 1.6 hours before it has to charge. I am on the quiet setting, so a bit surprised on that.

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