Robot Vacuum - Ability to cancel return home on app

BTW. Love the robot. It is hard to just not be entertained by it.

For now, until multiple maps are available, I would like the ability to cancel the return home. I have to do it manually if I put the robot on a level that does not have a charger base. If you press the stop button on the app, nothing happens. Otherwise the robot wanders around until the battery dies.

Related to multiple maps support in the future. For the maps/floors that don’t have a base unit, it would be nice to be able to tell the robot that so that it perhaps returns to the point it started at instead of searching endlessly. That would eliminate searching for it when it is done with the area/map.



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If I could add, when the vacuum needs to recharge, it would be wonderful if we could just stop the cleaning. As it is now, it goes back to charge up to 60% then when it starts to clean again we have to press stop.