Clean dust bin while charging?

We have a large area downstairs and the vacuum has to charge midway through. It seems that when it returns to the base to charge if you open the lid to empty the bin it aborts the cleaning cycle. Is that by design or is there a way to do this? Thanks

Have you tried pausing the cleaning first, then emptying the bin and restarting the cleaning?

I’ve done this a couple times just to see how much it collected and it resumed ok. I was careful not to disconnect it from the charger though while doing it. If I clean the whole house it stops twice to charge.

Maybe I am moving it. I will try more carefully. Thanks.


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What I was saying is that you should just pause whenever you want to clean the bin. If it is charging at the time, pause cleaning, take the bin out, clean it, put it back and if the vacuum moved a bit and it was charging, just push the vacuum back into the charger so you know it is making good contact, then unpause the vacuum.

See if that helps.

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That’s probably a good practice :+1: