Can you swap Micro SD cards with Cams?

Hi I am upgrading some of my cams from v2 to v3. Is one able to move the micro SD cards from one cam to another without reformatting them or doing something else?

Or do you need to get a new one?


I just did it yesterday from a V2 (128gb) to a V3 without having to format. No issues.

Edit: After seeing is worked well, I formatted it in the application. I saw the capacity was not correct and restarted the cam. Everything is working well after that.


I upgraded my v2 to v3 and swapped out each 64Gb card - I formatted them just in case


I have also done this with no issues.
Make sure to go to the camera’s settings, then advanced, then local storage and eject the SD card so that the card does not get damaged. Don’t format the card unless you want to delete all previous footage.


Thanks all. How does one format the card? Is this done in the app?

Yes, I’m the same local storage settings.
Camera, settings, advanced settings, Local storage. You’ll see a format option.