Can you run the WCO 24/7 on a USB Charger without damage?

We all know that you can charge the WCO outside using a USB adapter ring or a 120volt bayonet adapter in your Light Scone.

NOW (and best of all), WYZE has produced a new Weatherproof 2-outlet pigtail A/C cord system that is Programmable thru your WYZE App for just $10. I have already pre-ordered for January

The question that I want to know is "can you keep your WCO plugged into a USB Charger 24/7 without any damage??? I am not worried about any problem sealing the port for weatherproofing, since my WCO’s stay mainly inside the garage and workshop (where their are no weather issues). Can the community OR ANY WYZE TECH SUPPORT tell us it it is OK to keep the WCO charged 24/7 without damage with a gen 3 smart usb charger? Thanks in advance

It’s not suggested by Wyze to do this because of the waterproofing issue and possible damage to the battery even if it’s only inside. If you need it constantly plugged in, I’d use a V3.

Thank you Brlepage, but that was not the question I was asking. Forget charging it outside. If you use the WCO inside, can you keep a USB charger on it 24/7 without damaging the battery? I am sure someone at WYZE Tech knows this answer. This has nothing at all to do with waterproofing… Have a great day.

It’s very likely charging the battery 24/7 would shorten the life of the battery and bring it to a premature death. I wouldn’t advise it.

So a simple workaround for this would be to use a smart plug, and setup a rule on a schedule to charge the WCO x amount of hours per week instead of constantly charging the battery.

Agreed. Since you have this WCO in your garage weather would not be an issue during charging.


That’s what I suspected for a constant usb charge in a device with an encased battery. The perfect solution (indoors or outside- with a bit of silicon sealer) would be your new Wyze outdoor programmable Smart plugs (I have already preordered several), and to run them 2 hours a week. Thank you

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