Can you connect the Cam V3 to a PC?

…to enable monitoring on a computer monitor? One could also record the video to a harddrive then but I guess the subscription guys from Wyze wouldn’t be happy about that…

You can use a PC with a Android App. and blue stacks. This is from a windows PC,

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Great! What’s your experience so far using it this way? Any tips?

Some people caution against that method. There are a few thousand requests for a more integrated solution.

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What’s the problem then?

I don’t use it because I have cam plus for that V3. I installed it just to see if it works and it does. I don’t know if that method is good or bad but others with more experience using it to record livestream/monitor on a PC could give you better information. I don’t like using 3rd party applications anyway, I would prefer a direct method also.

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I see. But it seems like Wyze is in no hurry to get this done. It would defeat their business model. wouldn’t it?

I have no idea. Since I have an iPhone and iPad I could record to those but I don’t do that either. I just look at the recorded events if I think there is something interesting. I guess if I had the cam at a business and wanted to stream and record live video it would be a better option to be able to use both iOS and a Windows PC.

Where does it save the video files?

To this media folder at the location you choose on the PC when you set it up.

On my phone or iPad using iOS it records to the picture gallery/albums.

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Thank you!

One reasonably simple way to view (not to record) a camera on your PC is to use the Microsoft “Your Phone” app. It connects to your phone and displays any app that you phone is using. I have also used Chromecast to send a camera’s live video to a computer monitor. That’s a little buggy but it mostly works. You have to add add Wyze as a “works with google” service and authorize your Wyze account.

Good one, thanks!