Can Wyze sense turn on Kasa HS210 switch light?

If I were to buy a wyze sense to go with my wyze camera would that be able to trigger turning on the Kasa tp-link HS-210 wall switch so that the camera has extra light?

I also have Amazon smart plugs but don’t think this integration there yet.

I haven’t found a way or the knowledge to use if this than or SmartThings.

. Do paragraph thank you very much, Petr

Hi Petr!

Welcome aboard. If your device has an IFTTT or Alexa integration then the answer is most likely yes. But if not, then you may currently be out of luck. Integrations change every day so just because they are not integrated today does not mean they won’t be soon!

Also look for SmartThings integrations etc.

Yes .
You can use Wyze Sensors - Contact and PIR Motion Sensor to turn on/off Kasa - TP-Link Switches and Plugs .
Now much easier using an Alexa Routine now that Wyze has released the Sensor integration in Alexa .
Wyze Camera motion detection is not yet supported in Alexa - Only IFTTT

Example Routines in Alexa:

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I would love someone to show me how specifically. Thank you

An excellent reply and I really appreciate it. I was thinking about this earlier and I also could use the Amazon Echo Flex or whatever it’s called motion sensor. Is there an Alexa routine I could set up that would turn off the Wyze sensor when I am home even if I did it manually.? Is that a correct statement? Thank you very much

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You can’t technically turn the sensor off, but you can turn off notifications from it.

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