Can Wyze light strip go above a stove?

The 16 ft strip would be enough to add under cabinet lighting to our kitchen. However, the strip would have to go along the back (against the wall) above our stove. Will that pose any danger to us or to the unit? Thanks.

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Are you saying you plan to put the light strips under the cabinets in the area I have drawn the line?

If so this should be fine. I did the same exact thing in my kitchen above my stove, with the Non-Pro light strips. They have been there for more around a year give or take and I have had no issue with a ton of cooking.

My stove is electric but I can’t imagine there is much of a difference in heat when a pot or skillet is on the surface vs. gas.

There has also been a lot of boiling water on my stove and no issues thus far

Looks like this

lol, your cabinets and setup up look a lot like mine :smiley:


I have a different brand, and didn’t want to illuminate above the stove, or above the sink (an IKEA GU10 Zigbee bulb handles the sink)

Adapters are made to interface with a variety of light strips, so maybe there is something for the Wyze.

Yes! Exactly like this. We really do have similar cabinets lol. I think I’ll be fine and thank you for giving supporting evidence. By the way, is there a physical switch for these or can they only be turned off and on by the app?

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Both a physical switch and App control, but I use the App or Alexa voice commands 100% of the time.

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