Can Wyze Cam Record to SD Card Without Internet Connection?

My cam works fine connected to wifi but, I can’t get non-wifi recording to work. I have Wyze Cam v2, firmware, formatted 64GB SD card. I followed all the instructions… Local Storage SD card, continuous recording, Event recordings off.
When I plug-in the camera with no wi-fi, the led light flash alternate yellow and blue. The camera does not record to the SD card. I need this to work. Any suggestions?

That is the same cam, firmware, and recording experience we had here in our auto as well. We were only able to record by starting in the driveway pressing the red record button before departure. The recording still was incomplete, there were missing segments on only a short drive of a few kilometers (1 mile). The only way we got it to record again, was to use a USB port on a battery jump box to attach the camera. Once the auto was turned off the camera did not begin to record again on the apple car play USB port, and the Wyze app unfortunately cannot be accessed through Apple car play.

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The only way we were able to record was to press the red record button before departing our driveway in the auto. Even that video was missing segments. The video jumped from one street to another along our journey even on the review playback there were missing recording areas. The camera only kept recording while connected to the battery jump box USB port, none of the vehicle USB ports allowed for continuous recording, or restart of recording upon restart of the vehicle, unless we accessed the local WiFi and manually restarted the recording with the red record button. We also attempted without WiFi with our 128GB, 32GB, and 8GB microSD cards installed in each of 3 Wyze cams respectively. Nothing was recorded from about 2 PM yesterday until we arrived home at about 5 PM last evening. Which, we find difficult to believe, no cars, or any activity was recorded. Our next plan is to record without WiFi while in the building for a more sure result as to what did, and did not occur during that period of time. Also sometimes the auto which travels past right after an event was triggered will not be recorded. Timing is everything, subject to the event recording delay. On 1 occasion all 3 cameras recorded nothing after an auto traveled past the cameras. Watching all of the cameras is essential to real time security. Rather than knowing how an event occurred after the fact.

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I am having the EXACT same problem. I just got my camera 3 days ago. Have played around with settings and thru google search found out the basics that the camera can be set to record continuous–》》to sd card.
I set it up in my condo suite with wifi active, light is blue. Take it downstairs 18 flights to the parking garage and put on my dash to monitor while parked (someone tried to pry my hood open a week ago…) light is STILL flashing blue. Have detect sound and everything else to off only record direct to sd card continuous.

Leave it running for about 10 hours bring it back upstairs to check video. Camera reconnects to wifi . Out of 10 hours , it has twice totally stopped recording after 1.5 hours and 2 hours.

Camera is running off an Aukey powerbank 10000 which Wyze said would be sufficient for overnight monitoring.

One note for the Wyze wizards…when I pick up the camera from the car dash after 10 hours the light is blue/orange flashing yet when I originally leave it set it is blue and has no wifi in the garage.

I bought a Wyze Cam to use it at a house that does not have internet yet. Set it up using WiFi at our other home. Memory card inserted. Plugged the wyze at the new home. Hoping it will record. However, when I took the memory card and inserted it to my laptop. It didn’t record anything. Last recordings were footages form the other house with WiFi.

This is a firmware bug that has been acknowledged by the developers. For more info, see here:

Having the exact same problem with 2 of my Wyze Can v2s’ : not being able to continuously record on the SD Card, without having a WiFi access… would it be possible to have an idea when this acknowledged bug will be addressed through a new FW, as this is quite annoying in my case?
Many thanks for an answer.

I’d love a quick fix for this. I have Nine V2 cams , between my mother in-laws, my house and my wife uses them . Over half of which should be recording to SD card without internet. They are useless if they don’t record the video. I fell regret for purchasing them. I can not recommend them to anyone at this point unless they use them within their home that has good internet. I have one cam that constantly restarts for no reason I have tried everything from different SD cards and different locations in my home and tried factory resetting it.

If you’re having a problem you might need to replace the camera @WyzeGwendolyn can possibly assist you with the replacement of the camera that keeps resetting itself constantly.

As for the recording to µSD card without internet this is a reported firmware bug and they are working on correcting the problem as we speak.

Try this thread for “work arounds” and other options in the meantime.

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Thanks for covering all that, Tuna! You’re spot on. :slight_smile:

@mount_airync, have you contacted our support people about the Wyze Cam that keeps restarting? If so, may I please have your support ticket number?

I have the same exact experience. I set up the Wyze cam at our old apartment as we are moving to a new home and new home does not have Internet/ WiFi yet. plugged the camera and initially I get this yellow and blue light and a beep. Then solid blue after that. Left if for few minutes and checked the memory card in my laptop. It was empty. The files that were saved where the ones from the old apartment only.

Haha, well, I’m a self-loathing, distrustful ego mania with an inferiority complex. You’re not attending the meetings, we STAY on paranoid camera issues.

Has this been fixed?

According to the release notes, this bug was not fixed in the latest release

Thanks so much! Is there any work around? I am using this on a vacant rental house with no internet. I had my HVAC unit stolen and want to try to catch someone

Here’s a workaround:

At this point I’m not worried abut this cam restarting, worse case ill load a different firmware on it and use it with blue iris software. I’m still waiting on a firmware update for recording to the SD card w/o internet. Not looking for work around just for the cam to work correctly.

The 90-minute reboot problem when there is no Internet was fixed in

Fixed the issue with no internet connection causing reboot

However, you will need an Internet connection to get the camera up-and-running, like a hotspot (test before you go!) After that the cam will record to SD card with no Internet as long as it doesn’t lose power.

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I’m told that this bug fix went out. Could you please check if you were running into this problem?

I realize that a sample size of one is only partially useful, but here is my report. My dashcam was updated to a couple days ago. On Wednesday, I drove to another location for work. The camera lost WiFi connectivity at about 0550. Last night when I returned home, as often happens, the camera did not re-join the WiFi until I power cycled it. After it was back on the WiFi, I checked out the recordings from the uSD card. The camera recorded properly until about 1230 and then stopped. The camera is powered from an unswitched power socket, so I have no reason to believe that there was any power interruption to the camera. I am at work as I type this and will check tonight after I get home and see if it recorded all day.

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