Can we get a regular heads-up when detection AI updates?

Maybe we already do and I missed the memo. :notebook:

I’m having no person detection for what have been reliably-detected scenes on more than one v2 cam in the very recent past.

If detection AI has momentarily evolved away from what was working for me, I can deal with that. But it’d be nice to know so I’m spared unnecessary troubleshooting. :slight_smile:


My understanding is that the AI engine is continually evolving, so getting notifications when it changes, if even feasible, could result in a constant barrage of notifications.

That said, the best way to help the AI stay correct and up to date is to report as many events as possible with the corrected AI detections, both found and missed detections. To do this, click the Yes button next to “Help us improve this AI…” at the bottom of any event. Tap all detections that apply (tapping white ones to add them and green ones to remove them), then tap Submit Results. The more detections that are reported, both false and true, the better the AI will become.


Sounds like they let it off the leash recently. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good reference. I had not seen anything previously about a monthly schedule for updating the AI model. Given that the post is over a year old, I will attempt to find out if that’s still the schedule.

And if it is monthly, it may be possible for them to set up a subscription for notifications when the update happens. Or maybe just publish on which day of the month it happens.


Thanks, @Loki

I was going to post the original query as a response in a brief exchange I had with @WyzeJasonJ and @carverofchoice a while back. I did a reasonable search for the thread and couldn’t find it.

Searched further this morning and came up with this. The fabled threeway :point_up: yet eludes me. :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :person_shrugging:


If forced to guess I’d say the person detection AI was just updated. Substantial increase in persons detected on two busiest cams. When AI ‘fails,’ I experience it as omission - I have Cam Plus Lite which includes Person detection only.

I’d like a heads up when the AI actually works as advertised. How many more years before it actually does what it’s supposed to do?

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Idk the AI on my 9 wyze cameras has been pretty reliable the last few months now.

Every now and then some will not detect motion correctly and I’ll submit the correct feedback or some will report false labels and I’ll correct it.

Only 2 cameras have some issues with AI from time to time but honestly the AI has drastically improved from when I first used wyze cameras in 2021 to now


Well, I still have not got one video labeled for insects yet I get numerous recordings for them. Often people walking their dogs it won’t labeled the pets. Sometimes it doesn’t even label the people. Lately it’s not even labeling large garbage trucks, even though my grid is set to see the area around my trash bins and the AI used to see them all the time but now it misses them a lot.

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Hello, the app needs now for sound corrections for AI. My cameras hear wind and think it’s a cat meowing. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I think they should rename Wyze, YMMV. :slight_smile:


Last night, it misidentified a car as a person (rare in my experience) and missed an ‘obvious’ person walking a dog, but other than that, its marked performance improvement continues.

Bonus: It is also now more often identifies a person riding a bike at moderate speed as a person, which is frequent here and had been beyond my expectations.

This is all with suboptimal lighting and at a distance. :person_shrugging:


Reversal. The cam at greatest distance from subjects and with only good streetlight missed 6 of 8 persons last night. Maybe a subtle change in lighting and/or more humidity fuzzed up the works? :expressionless:


Distant cam missed 2 of 8 last night. The other has remained consistently improved. [end report] :slight_smile:




I don’t know this for sure, but I think an AI update may have recently dropped. I am suddenly seeing detection differences on at least one of my V3Pros. But it might be due to another reason.