Person detection and AI

i know this feature just came out but how long does it take for the AI to so call “learn”? i’ve been submitting that AI feedback every time my dog triggers the person detection since person detection became available and my dog still constantly triggers that alert.

right now for me the person detection seems to function no differently that the normal motion detection from before.

The Person Detection algorithm is built into the firmware of the camera, so there are no on-the-fly changes to its detection. After enough feedback videos have been analyzed and used to further refine the XNOR AI, Wyze will include the latest algorithm in the next firmware update.


oh ok so it would require the firmware to be updated with a new algorithm


You can keep submitting videos that detect your dog as a person and hopefully you’ll see some improvement in the next firmware release.


I agree, that seems to be the jist of it. The servers crunch data based on our submissions and the edge AI then comes out in the form of a firmware update, similar to what Tesla does with their updates Wyze is making better equipment by constantly providing us updates that make the current equipment the best it can be…again.

it does the same thing for my cat, but only in certain circumstances…so I just keep sending videos in to help it learn.

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